• “[The cards] are A_MAZING in terms of results for coaching – I can’t thank you enough for creating them!” Executive Coach and Trainer

  • “Once my colleague realised how useful they are we thought it better to have our own sets! … So far I’ve used them to help colleagues determine their personal values – to great effect, they are a really powerful tool.” Internal Coach

  • “You are to be congratulated on such a professional and insightful product!”Training Consultant and Executive Coach

  • “I use them a lot in coaching and to help people establish what’s important to them when making decisions etc.  We also use them in team work to help dysfunctional teams identify common values as a starting point for improving relationships.” Operational Director

  • “We used your value cards with one of our families and it worked really well.  They have now asked to purchase some packs as well so they can use them with their children.” Financial advice consultants


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I’m Helen Harrison. My blog covers all matters about working with people, be you a coach, consultant or trainer – and, of course, for yourself!

Having worked in the private sector in human resources (HR), and as a director within an international public company, I found that adding values and strengths into any work issue added a positive dimension to the discussion.