A unique tool for professional consultants, coaches and trainers – or individuals – who work with VALUES.
Even if you are a relative novice!

Why buy Coaching Cards?

The coaching cards:

  •  provide you with a quick and easy way to guide a person to find value words that fit their core values (from over 260 words) – and let them choose what those words mean to them
  • have words that are similar to each other grouped together on different cards to help the process of selection
  • make it straightforward for you to focus your client and help them gain new perspectives
  • enable you to have deep conversations with ease
  • give a gentle professional and powerful introduction to you, if your client doesn’t already know you


The VALUE cards come with an invaluable handbook with background basics on values and ideas on how to use the cards. We also give an open offer to discuss ways of using the cards.You can easily have them with you wherever you go because they’re small, light and protected – and covers those times when values come up out of the blue.Finally there is no financial risk whatsoever, because of our 60-day no-quibble refund guarantee.


“I have found the VALUE cards to be an invaluable part of my facilitation tool-kit. They were perfect when recently the subject of personal values was raised on a leadership development programme. The cards worked really well to get the discussion going and to help individuals pinpoint their value-set. Being so compact I keep them in my bag all the time now, and its great knowing how versatile they will be for both group work and one to one coaching sessions.”
Miranda Jenkins (facilitator, trainer and coach)


“I have had these cards for several months & have given them to my clients to work out their own values. Something useful always comes out of the exercise”
YouTube comment


What to do now?

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