A wonder-full tool for working with STRENGTHS!


Example STRENGTH cards

Why buy STRENGTH Cards?

Everyone has strengths – few people know which ones they possess.   The STRENGTH cards provide you with a quick and easy way to find strength words that describe your strengths (from over 260 words).  And over 90 questions to encourage further understanding about the strengths.

The STRENGTH cards also help you:

  •  increase your self awareness, in particular appreciate how many strengths you have and understand more about your strengths e.g. which seem to give you job satisfaction
  • apply and develop your strengths
  • have grounded self-assurance
  • opens the way to productive thinking and conversations about your strengths
  • get better at identifying and appreciating strengths in other people
  • make better decisions e.g. about your career path


The STRENGTH cards come with an invaluable handbook with background basics on strengths and ideas on how to use the cards.

In addition, for those of you who are a consultant, coach and/or facilitator, you can easily have them with you wherever you go because they’re small, light and protected – this covers those times when strengths come up out of the blue.

Finally there is no financial risk whatsoever, because of our 60-day no-quibble refund guarantee.




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STRENGTH cards' examples