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Offer and Acceptance
Nothing on this site constitutes an offer in a legal sense. When you order from us you offer to pay for our products and we are free to accept or reject that offer.


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We will do all we reasonably can to provide the items you request. At the same time, you agree that we are under no strict legal obligation to do so at any specific time or place. Time is not the essence of this contract.


You agree to indemnify us against any loss or damage caused to our site or us or our reputation as a result of any failure by you or on your behalf to comply with these terms and conditions. Again, it is difficult to imagine this happening.

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Limitations of Liability
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We do not accept any responsibility for any virus or equivalent that you consider is contracted as a result of visiting this site. Therefore, we disclaim any liability for consequential loss EXCEPT that allowed by law.


No warranties, whether express or implied, are given in relation to this site or the services and products it offers.

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