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Congratulations on purchasing the VALUES and  STRENGTH cards. And thank you! Your order will soon be on its way to your door! You will receive an email receipt from Paypal confirming the purchase.  We will also include a receipt with the cards.


Have fun using them as well as lots of good outcomes.


As was mentioned, you may download separate Values and Strength Cards Handbooks.   In the VALUES Handbook, I suggest a different way to synthesise all the values you consider important into 4 – 6 core values, which I think is a great improvement – it is different from the one with the cards.  I want to bring this to your attention because of the vast improvement!


To gain instant access to the:

STRENGTH handbook click here

VALUES handbook click here



If you want to toss around ideas on how to use the cards feel free to contact me at – it’s sometimes easier to do that with someone rather than by oneself (least I find it so).

I’d love to hear from you when you have used them and find out how it went.